Habasit offers solutions beyond beaten paths


  • Customer background
    Vandemoortele with headquarters in Belgium is the European market leader in frozen bakery products, specializing in frozen bakery products for artisan bakers, industrial and professional clients.
  • Application
    Cooling spiral towers with metal conveyor belts.   
  • Challenge
    During production the metal belts used to crash and fold quite often, so that frequent production losses with high costs arose. Moreover, as such towers are used intensively, the metal components needed to be lubricated regularly. The oil used for lubrication often polluted the products. In that case those products had to be tossed away directly. To remedy the mechanical problems, Vandemoortele had the choice of a complete system renewal or replacing the metal belts by plastic spiral belts.
  • Recommended product
    Habasit plastic modular belt type M2540.

Habasit was asked to offer a complete solution including a suitable plastic spiral belt without risks of oil pollution and the mechanical service to replace the formerly installed belt. Habasit managed the whole project thoroughly. The guiding was adjusted to the correct design specifications of the new belt, the transitions to the in- and outfeed were reduced and the operating parameters of the spiral system were rejustified to ensure reliable performance.

Thanks to Habasit plastic modular spiral belts the towers now run fine and the performance is better than ever, free of problems and production losses. Furthermore, if a part needs to maintained or replaced, this is done within half an hour.
Arnold Lagae, Group Engineering Manager of Vandemoortele Bakery Products, is very pleased with the results: "There happens a lot in our industry and that calls for constant innovation. We continue to be very critical and let suppliers come with solutions. Habasit distinguishes itself by also thinking outside the usual paths. If we continue to collectively think ahead, there are still much great things possible."