The Habasit Green Concept

At a time when it is vital for everyone - corporations and citizens alike - to contribute to the preservation of the environment and our Earth's natural resources, Habasit has set out its commitment to this goal in its Green Concept statement: 

Respect for the Earth’s limited resources, and awareness of the delicate balance between industry and nature, compels us to dedicate resources to environmentally centered objectives that lead to increasingly eco-friendly products, production processes and operations. 
Habasit Green Concept Label

In conjunction with the Green Concept statement, the Green Concept label was created and is now placed on all Habasit products and services that help our customers to protect the environment.

Habasit Environmental Policy


Environmental policy

Read in the Habasit Environmental Policy how we use long-term ecologically and economically coherent measures to continuously improve our products, production processes and operations.