Create your own Belt with the Habasit Team


  • Customer background
    A manufacturer of high quality belt filter presses, high density extruders, extractors and equipment for de-watering, solidification and de-packaging of wet waste material
  • Application
    A hopper loading onto a horizontal conveyor transitioning to an incline and dropping the plastic bottles and cans into a grinder where the raw materials are separated.
  • Challenge
    The customer developed a z-conveyor for recycling full bottles and cans.
  • Recommended product

Worked with the engineering team at Habasit to create the best possible belt and cleats for the application.

The lateral stiffness of the NAB-18EEAV is ideal for the system requirements, along with the durability of the attached urethane PTF-70W cleat provides the customer with a solution they have not otherwise been able to achieve.