Success with Habasit Cleanline Belts


  • Customer background
    The company produces hygiene products such as cleaning wipes for floors, glasses, etc.  
  • Challenge
    An alkaline, alcoholic or acid liquid with a pH value varying between 2 and 12 is added to the products conveyed. Several Habasit Food Belts, both adhesive and non-adhesive ones have been used in the past. Due to chemical attack on these belts, the customer was looking for alternatives.  
  • Recommended products
    Belts from the Habasit Cleanline range, coated with Polyolefin  

The company started to use  belts from the Habasit Cleanline range. Due to a small pulley diameter (25 mm), the nosebar suitable belts offer a special advantage to the customer.

Many belts have now been replaced by Habasit Cleanline types. The lifetime of these belts has been extended four times. The advantages include:
• Outstanding reliability and long service life
• Improved appearance due to high chemical resistance
• Easy installation and operation