Long Sprocket Lifetime in Bakery


  • Company background
    The company produces snack cakes, cookies, brownies and other baked goods.
  • Application
    Ambient cooling line for oatmeal cookies
  • Challenge
    The sprockets on the existing ambient cooling line were experiencing premature wear and the oatmeal cookies were disoriented.
  • Recommended product
    HabasitLINK M1233 Flush Grid 0.5"

Impressed by HabasitLINK’s innovative engineering and robust module and sprocket designs, the company opted to upgrade its cooling line with the HabasitLINK M1233 Flush Grid. The 0.5" pitch Flush Grid belt was seen as a better option over the installed 1” pitch Flush Grid belt, since the smaller pitch decreased the vibration (caused by belt level variation due to chordal action) experienced by the belt. By minimizing chordal action, the plant was able to eliminate the possibility of poor sprocket engagement and at the same time, maintain product alignment at the cooling line’s outfeed.
The M1233’s sprocket/belt interface – due in large part to its double row of teeth, which permits the transmission of higher tensile loads and extends sprocket life – was deemed superior. The double row of teeth guarantees a longer wear life since the total contact area between the sprocket teeth and module is significantly greater than for the competitor's belt/sprocket combination.

The company reports that the belt is performing well, and the cooling line has been running reliably for approximately three years now. They are impressed with the reliability and long-wearing characteristics of the HabasitLINK belt and sprockets, and confirm that the M1200 sprockets are not wearing out as quickly as the competitor's sprockets. The company continues to evaluate additional lines for upgrading to HabasitLINK to HabasitLINK due to its success on the ambient cooling line.
• Long sprocket lifetime
• Reliable operation
• Decreased vibration
• Product alignment maintained

The company's maintenance manager said:
“The HabasitLINK sprockets last between 9 and 12 months while the competitor's only lasted 3 months.”