Dough Forming with Habasit Cleanline Belt


  • Customer background
    The company is a supplier of dough processing machines offering comprehensive equipment (industrial baking lines) for the production of bread, biscuits and doughnuts.
  • Application
    Dough forming machine with the following parameters:
    - Belt length: 5640 mm
    - Belt width: 205 mm
    - Up to 2000 loaves of bread per hour. The belt must be suitable for wheat dough, mixed rye and rye dough.
  • Challenge
    The customer was looking for an alternative to the classical wool felt belt, providing better hygienic characteristics, but technically equivalent features. The disadvantages of felt are, that the material agglutinates very fast and guiding profiles must be sewn on. Other disadvantages of felt include dough adhesion and inferior running characteristics. However, excellent forming characteristics are an advantage of felt, which must be offered by the substitute belt.
  • Recommended products
    Belts from the Habasit Cleanline range, coated with Polyolefin

Tests with the Habasit Cleanline type CNW-5E took place at two of the company's customers in order to determine the forming and durability characteristics. During these tests it became clear that the belt works with all kind of dough, with the exception of heavy rye dough. This dough type does not close and is not homogeneously formed.

About 80% of the dough forming machines from the machine manufacturer are now equipped with CNW-5E belts. The forming results are excellent and this belt type offers much better cleanliness than a felt belt. Its advantages include:
• Excellent forming characteristics
• Low dough adhesion
• Superior running
• Very hygienic solution