Increased Speed Supersedes Investment


  • Customer background
    The company is a Belgian machine constructor specialized on transport and conveying systems
  • Application
    Slicing of bread rolls to be cut horizontally for sandwiches and hot dogs
  • Challenge
    Processing machine, well advanced in years, suffering from elongation and distraction of installed fabric conveyor belts. Mistracking led to product sliding and insufficient cutting depth. Transversal forces of cutting process amplified this misbehavior. Grip of belt surface needs to be big enough to hold the product without damaging it, thus, pressure on the rolls has to be delicate.
  • Recommended products
    HabaSYNC Timing Belt T5-A-01 with FDA approved special cover T/NPW

Switch from competitor's conveyor belts to HabaSYNC timing belts to avoid elongation. First trial with PVC covered types failed due to insufficient grip on conveying side. Final solution found in white and adhesive TPU with a pimple structure.

• Less belt tension required compared to previous conveyor belt, leads to a bigger wear life span of bearings
• Increase of processing velocity from 10 m/min to 30 m/min results in an output raise by factor 3
• Investment for additional production lines could be canceled because they are no longer needed